Grow Empires: Raise Knights, build Towns & Evolve App Reviews

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Interesting Game !

So many interesting little things, i really like the game , I’ve been playing for 5 days and have not finished the game , it attracts!

Fix bug

I cant buy 5 connects for 70 diamonds it doesnt work. Fix it!

unique art style

unique art style and quite good a gameplay :) keep up the good work

Nice game

Really fun and addictive game, with a great graphic. Well done!


Cool game. If you like strategies, I recommend it. Good game to train your brain.


Great game! If you like strategies, it is the best choice. I recommend it.

I like this game !

Game super , every move you need to think carefully to avoid bad consequences.Every era is interesting in its own way , I adore this game.


An excellent game, I have not seen such an exciting gameplay for a long time , I really like the game, I still play reached the fourth level , the game is Super!

Good Game!

Game with an interesting deep gameplay, good Work, a lot of different dynamic tinsel, very interesting to play it.

Super fun puzzle!

Great idea, great execution! It really hooked me. I thought I am just gonna try it and I spent full hour playing it nonstop haha

Nice game

It is a nice game, and nice graphics. It gets complicated whenthe fields get filled up, and it is fun to upgrade and clear them at the same time.


Love it Great at passing the time. I love playing this game. Fun and enjoyable.

Addictive game

This is very addictive puzzle game. The game has nice gameplay and nice graphics. You should match 3 or more items to create new items. There are a lot of challenging levels. Very cool entertaining game.

Highly addictive

Cant stop playing this game ever since I downloaded it. Its so simple, fun and cool. The beauty of this game lays in simplicity. Love the characters and graphics. Its really exciting to build empire and watch transformation of each character/object. Fantastic.

A very unique match 3

A simple but very different match 3 game. Although (so far) it lacked depth, its addicting and feels polished when I play.

Nice puzzle game

Very cool and addictive puzzle game. Beautiful graphics and easy to understand how to play. You need to match 3 or more same items. The far you go the harder to play.

Unique puzzler game

Pretty hooked on this game right now. Each level really makes you think and forces you to be careful about your decisions. I really like the upgrade system and all of the different things you can unlock because it adds a lot of content to the game. Looking forward to more! :)

Very interesting take on match3 game

Build town and army by matching 3 same object types, and upgrade them into a better version. Then with enough points you advance to next era. This feature really makes you want to play more.


Love this game! Cant get enough. Vikings age is my favorite!

Definitely a time killer.

Like triple town,but bigger and without limited moves! You can easily lose the track of time.

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